TCEA 2011 Arena Champions


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Robot "VIKI"
Runs 2-3


Robot "Evolver"
Runs 2-3




Roma High Robotics Club: 2011 TCEA Arena State Champions!

Gold medal winners (l-r): Isaac Cuevas, captain Luis Gomez, Jessica Orta, and RJ Vidal
Coach Berry Nall

    Watch the first run of champion robot VIKI: 510 points (best score of tournament)

Goal: within 2 minutes, move 4 oil rigs (soda cans) to each of the four walls, and then cover the wells (bulls-eyes) with caps (tuna cans). There is an element of randomness in placement of both the 4 rigs and and the 4 caps on the mat: there are 5 possible positions for each. One cap will always start on the wall, making it more difficult to retrieve. Extra points are scored if the robot is not touching the mat when the round ends and if the wells are completely covered. In this and the final round, 4 of 5 wells were fully capped; all other objectives were accomplished perfectly.